Go Green

Plastic vs. Paper

The Environmental Effect

Generally, industrial products such as cementitious materials, fine powders, resin, granular products, pet food, etc…are packaged using one of two primary materials: plastic or paper.

This leads to the often-asked question:
Which material leaves a longer-lasting negative footprint on the environment?

  Paper Plastic

Global Warming Effect

Made from trees harvested from our forests (which are major absorbers of greenhouse gases) Plastic production creates seven times less air pollution and nine times less water pollutants


Use of laminate coating or plastic liners render the product unrecyclable 100% Recyclable

Effects on Landfills

Takes up valuable landfill space and due to lack of decomposition-promoting elements, will never fully decompose Takes up considerably less landfill space

Energy Used

Manufacturing requires four times the amount of energy used to make plastic Manufacturing process is energy efficient

Plastic packaging, the smart ecological choice