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NELMAR Group of Companies

25 years of packaging excellence

NELMAR Group of Companies has established itself as the driving force of the packaging industry. From security packaging to gusseted tube-forming and the extrusion of plastic sheeting, the NELMAR Group of Companies has represented packaging excellence for over 25 years.

Under the trademark names SECUR –PAK™, FRAUDSTOPPER™ and FRAUDSTOPPER ICE™, NELMAR manufactures a patented tamper-evident system for the safe transfer of currency, checks and other valuables. NELMAR provides the highest levels of security packaging products available on the market to most major banks, retailers, armored car carriers, restaurants, law enforcement agencies, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, casinos, etc.

NELMAR Security Packaging Systems Inc.

Using only the finest quality resin, Plastixx Extrusion Technologies Inc. extrudes plastic sheeting to the highest quality standards and is by far the most durable and reliable sheeting used in the packaging industry today.

Plastixx Extrusion Technologies Inc.

Plastixx FFS Technologies Inc. manufactures gusseted tubing for packaging applications, utilizing a patented innovative breathable back-seam technology under the trademark names XFLO™ and XVAPOR™. These products are perfect for Cementitious Materials, Fine Powder, Resin, Granular Products, Pet Food and all other items that are packaged using Form, Fill & Seal (FFS) Machinery. Our FFS gusseted tubing is water & moisture resistant, and can also be made with vapor and oxygen-barrier substrates. It is both extremely durable and 100% recyclable.

Plastixx FFS Technologies Inc.