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resin package

Depending upon your specific requirements, our FFS gusseted tubing can be customized with a smooth, an anti-slip or a knurled texture for easy handling and steady palletizing.




Increasing the concentration of anti-slip filler will decrease the co-efficient of friction which in turn reduces the amount of slippage.

Anti-slip Texture

Up to 6 strips of knurling or embossing, with a width of up to 60mm each can be incorporated into the surface of your package. Increasing the amount of knurling will also reduce the amount of slippage.

Knurled Texture

Our tubular FFS films and valve bags can be manufactured with a smooth texture.

Smooth Texture

Resin Packaging

Our gusseted tubing is perfect for packaging resin. It is extremely durable and is sealed using molten resin, providing a tear-and rip-proof seal.

Plastixx FFS Technologies can manufacture resin packaging with different venting options to ensure excess air trapped inside the package is released prior to palletizing.

Benefits & Features

  • The level of moisture resistance can be increased when utilizing our back-seam labyrinth valve venting option
  • Extremely strong packaging made with high quality octene and metallocene resins which offer excellent sealing characteristics
  • 100% recyclable 100 recyclable
  • Easy palletizing made possible due to the shape of the gusseted tubing once filled
  • 8-color print capability, including 4-color process print graphics over the entire surface – front, back and inside gussets – to provide an eye-catching product